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Nassim Aboufaraj - Conversations on Love & Committment
Ramu Aki - Poetry
Kendrick Amandy - "My World"
Anonymous - Conversations on Love & Committment
Anonymous Erotic Dancers - "Tender Romance" written & narrated by Kaif Ghaznavi
Mark Anthony and Lisa - Interview for Guided Blindfolded Walks
Maria Pamela Azurin
Charles Curtis Blackwell - Poetry
Douglas Belga - Songs
Sabrina Borja - Songs by Students
Ed Bowers - Poetry
Rachelle Brooks - Songs/Conversations on Love & Committment
AJ Catalan - "The Power of a Smile"
Martin Cazares-Tamayo - "Tears"
Shannon Day - Songs
Lance Fung, Wonderland Curator - Interview
Isaih Harris - Interview for Guided Blindfolded Walks
Kamden Higgs - "Troubles"
Anthony Horn - "The Fresh Prince of De Marillac" and "I am"
Jeff - Conversations on Love & Committment
Mattie Johnson - Conversations on Love & Committment
Erin Johnston - "So Far Away"
Kay of Tenderloin Children’s playground - Conversations on Love & Committment
Siew Kew Ho - Conversations on Love & Committment
Umair Khan - "Tere Bina"
George La Francis - Conversations on Love & Committment
Aaron Lam - "Dream Deferred"
Jessica Ortega
Mario Alberto Insunza Paredes - Conversations on Love & Committment
Winnie Phan and Troy Reinhard - Interview for Guided Blindfolded Walks
Phan, Than Hang - Songs
Molly Rosenberg - "To Teberith"
Sandra Salcedo - Conversations on Love & Committment
Jawanza Bomani Saunders - "Be Not Grieved"
Zerena Shaw - Songs
Sparkle (April Slaven) - Songs/Conversations on Love & Committment
Too Damned Handsome - Songs
Bsarida Tran - "Hallelujah" & "Unfaithful"
Michelle Tran - "Mot Vong Traidet"
Kai Tsang - "Dreaming"
Robert Weber - "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Deja Wilson - "Poem of Strength"
Elaine Zamora, NOM Community Benefit District - Interview
Maria Zelaya - "You Are Not Alone"


Glide Foundation and visiting Japanese college students In Conversation
Glide Foundation Students "Waving Flag"
Llara Estava, Gavrielle Thompson, Grace Balatbat, Arnelyn Fabia and Katherine Flores "I'm Yours"
Fernanda Sevilla, Lizeth Ramos-Bravo and Grace Balatbat "Hero"
Eddy Rosales, Mark Azurin, Sergio Padilla, Peter Ramirez and Erik Luna "Blitzkrieg Bop
Precious Listana, Alexa Drapa, Rebecca Borja and Kristine Dizon "The Way You Make Me Feel"
Oliver Chanax, Sebastian Molinero and Eloy Ortiz "Three Little Birds"
Alondra Bonilla, Genesis Manyari, Lilie Hau, and Kimberley Bustos "Send it On"
Jesus Sandoval and Santiago Martinez "The Elf & the Doormouse"
Maria Selaya and Dhita Siswandi "City I Love"