Playlist for the Tenderloin

Ranu Mukherjee and Mike Maurillo

Setting up a temporary studio at the Luggage Store Annex, we recorded songs and poetry by members of the Tenderloin's many diverse communities. Participants chose songs or poetry in order to say something to the neighborhood or tell a story about cultural identity, origin, experience or desire. Through wide outreach, we had the chance to work with many talented individuals, as well as groups of students from De Marillac Academy, The Glide Foundation and the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, some of whom are presenting original material. There are songs recorded in English, Vietnamese, Hindi and Filipino languages and material representing many cultures.

We had not anticipated the intimacy and power of the exchanges that took place through the process of inviting people to record, nor the excitement of hearing their choices of material revealed in the moment of recording. Suddenly finding oneself in a small room with one or two people, listening to these incredible voices was a most powerful experience, and we hope that you can hear some of this energy in the recordings.